Who we are

Through our cutting-edge series of B2B and B2C brands, we tell stories about how the world is changing for the people across the globe delivering that change. We care about the big themes which we cover with balance, patience and our proprietary datasets.

Our values

Be people focused

  • We anticipate and surpass our customer needs
  • We communicate clearly and engage with customers
  • We value diversity. All perspectives matter and all voices count

Change the game

  • We deliver innovation that matters
  • We encourage new ideas
  • We empower and trust people

Enjoy the ride

  • We keep an open mind and positively challenge the status quo
  • We are curious and passionate about our development
  • We work at pace and have fun

Always help a colleague succeed

  • We do the right thing
  • We share knowledge and learning. Every drop helps to create an ocean
  • We do it together. Integrity as well as expediency.

Ensure our journalism matters

  • We delight, challenge and inspire our audiences
  • We tell the truth and are open-minded
  • We help decision makers navigate the opportunities

Our focus

At New Statesman Media Group, we stand for gold standard editorial insight alongside the most comprehensive market data available.

Through first-class journalism, innovative events and the latest martech, we tell stories about how the world is changing for the people delivering that change, with particular focus on the following.

Environment & ESG

Our passion for ethical and sustainable business practices and ethos is at the heart of everything we do. We highlight those that are pushing boundaries and those that are left behind.

Technology & Disruption

We are curious about the world in which we live and we have our finger on the pulse of the technological advances and innovations that shape our society’s future.

Macro-economics & Politics

Economic decisions are made in a political world, and we are dedicated to investigating and translating these intricacies to our audience.

Organisations who regularly benefit from working with us

Our history


New Statesman was launched as a weekly review of politics and literature


Press Gazette was launched as a media trade magazine dedicated to journalism and the press


Tech Monitor (previously known as Computer Business Review) was launched to cover the business technology landscape


Elite Traveler was launched focusing on the global luxury lifestyle of Ultra High New Worth individuals


World of Fine Wine was launched for individuals who share a passion for wine


Spear’s was launched as a wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand


Press Gazette wins Specialist Website of the Year at Online Media Awards


Lead Monitor was launched as an AI and content based marketing solution tool


Capital Monitor was launched to examine the impact sustainable investment and finance has on the environment


Elite Traveler wins Luxury Lifestyle Award in the category of Best Luxury Media in the World


New Statesman wins Best Political Podcast and Best Commercial Strategy at the Publisher Podcast Awards